Steam Trap


Steam trap valve is one of the most comprehensive valves which are available for any kind of application. Thermodynamic steam trap are used in oil and gas, petroleum and other industries, there are several benefits which can be derived from the use and the manufacturers ensures the valves are of high standard.

A steam trap is a device which is used for discharging condensate and non-condensate gases while preventing loss in the live steam or reducing the consumption. Majority of the steam traps function just like the automatic valves and can be modulated, open or closed automatically. Some of the crucial functions of the steam traps include:

  • It can easily discharge condensate
  • Have the capacity of discharging air and other non-condensable gases
  • Have negligible steam consumption

There is various mechanisms which are employed by steam traps but they all serve the purpose of keeping steam in the steam loop while extracting condensate and redirecting it to the condensate loop. The condensate loop usually feeds into a tank, and from there the water is either processed and returned to the boiler or cooled and discharged as waste. The steam system operators need to know that their steam traps are doing fine and decide the size based on the load level.


Steam traps can be employed wherever it is crucial to discharge a fluid while preventing leakage. Some of the common applications include:

Oil and gas applications

  • Steam mains
  • Process heater
  • Pressure reducing valve stations
  • Steam tracing
  • Bulk storage tanks

Industrial Applications

  • Space heating
  • Steaming ovens
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Steam mains
  • Process vats
  • Autoclaves

So as to ensure smooth operation, the trap may operate at 80% capacity but it is better for you not to exceed 50 % so as to ensure free flow of fluid within the pipeline. The entire steam traps will be equipped with hardened stainless steel disc as well as seat. Following the lapping stage, the entire surface of the disc is controlled individually before they would be released.

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  • Bucket Steam Trap

    The bucket steam traps make use of the differential density between the condensate and steam so as to operate effectively. The inverted bucket steal trap are of various sizes and are energy efficient. The inverted bucket is the most reliable steam trap operating principle known and has a simple design and can be used easily.