Special Valves

Titanium engine valves are forged one piece made with high quality materials and are used for fluid applications. The monel valves are made with high quality materials and are prevalent in Dirt late model, Dirt Modifies, and Sprint cars, protecting their vulnerable valve tips.

Inconel valves are used for exhaust in engines which reach very high temperatures and its use growing with the application of turbos and superchargers. Some valve manufacturers now offer Inconel valves which are hollow and filled with sodium. This will ensure cooling of the valve by removing heat from the head of the valve to the stem thereby providing better distribution and minimizing head temperature.

Titanium valves are forged high temperature alloys which are used whenever light weight valves are needed to achieve very high RPM’s. These valves are recommended for professional use. When matched with supertech keepers and spring retailers you can use a more aggressive cam profile without the loss of valve control. This would result into a broader torque curve with an increase in horsepower at higher RPM equaling more power.

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