Plug Valve


This kind of valves has a cylindrical or conical tapered plug that can be turned within the body of the valve so that fluid flow can be controlled with the aid of the valve. The plug valve manufacturer and suppliers ensures that the valves are made with durable and high resistance materials so as to accomplish the desired quality in the engineering sector. The plug valves suppliers also ensure it get to the required sector on schedule.

A plug valve has a cone or cylinder shape and can be rotated inside the valve body so as to control the flow of fluids. Plug valve usually have one or more hollow passage which is usually placed horizontally so as to allow the ease of flow via the valve when it is open. The most common type of plug valve is the 2 port model with an open and closed position. The two ports are mostly located on opposite sides of the valve with one passageway which lead from inbound to outbound and the stem and handle located on the top. A plug valve likewise makes use of quarter turn valve which is useful where quick and frequent operation is crucial. The valve ends can be flanged, hub type or butt weld.

When are Plug Valves Used?

Plug valves can be employed for increasing or reducing the flow rate of fluids through the handle. The user may have to adjust the valve to a specific flow rate while the valve would hold such flow rate consistently and reliably. Also, plug valve provide a cost effective control method in several applications.

Plug valves are mostly used in applications where the flow must be controlled and changed on a regular basis and where the user must have access to the valve. However, a plug valve should not be used where the valve does not need to be readily accessible.


  • It is used for extreme temperature flow
  • It is used in low pressure steam
  • It is used at boiler feed water
  • It is used for controlling gas and liquid flow

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  • Sleeved Plug Valve

    Sleeved plug are used by engineers to meet specific need in the oil and gas, petrochemical and production industry. The valves are used for achieving sealing through the use of compressible sleeve. The manufacturers of sleeved plug valves ensure it is suitable for different applications and last for a long period of time.

  • Lubricated Plug Valve

    The lubricated plug valves ensure you can easily close or open your appliance while providing a tight closing so as to prevent any form of leakage. The valves are also used in applications which require infrequent operations. This is the best partner for everyone who aims to achieve the best opening and closing.

  • Eccentric Plug Valve

    This kind of valve is suitable for the control as well as isolation in sewage and water management. The eccentric plug valve is designed for a consistent performance, durability as well as longevity. The eccentric plug valve manufacturersmake sure it is built to appropriate standards and suitable for various applications.