Knife Gate Valve

Our knife gate valves are built high quality stainless steel materials which are resistance to rust and help in achieving flow in a single direction. The knife valve is suitable in oil and gas, marine, processing as well as manufacturing sector. The knife gate valve can also be customized so as to meet the demand of unique users.

Knife gate valve is used for cutting through a clogging of heavy liquids and this is achieved with the aid of a blade. The valve is mostly employed for use in an abrasive, erosive or corrosive environment of the company. Initially, this type of valve is designed for industry where various papers are manufactured because pulp usually gets stuck between the seat and wedge of a normal gate valve in order to stop the flow of fluids. The design of knife gate valve includes a sharp edge so that it can easily cut through the seal as well as pulp.

The use of knife gate valve cut across several processing industry and the size varies so as to ensure easy as well as perfect applications in different component. The knife gate valve does not have any pressure limitation and the design ensure they seat on the blade whenever there is a cut through any substance. The flow of thick liquid is easy and does not cause any interference but there would be an interference whenever powdery, bulky or dry material pass through the end of the gate. This would result to the partial closure of the seal and would thus necessitate the replacement.

The knife gate valve is commonly used by engineers nowadays owing to the benefits.This valve allows the flow of fluid in a single direction and also has a wafer or lugged body which is devoid of flanges. There are various kinds of seats for knife gate valve and can be manufactured with metal or other alloys.


  • It has a rising spindle hand wheel
  • The pressure is 10 BAR
  • The Gate is made with stainless steel
  • The seat is made with NBR or Metal
  • The valve body is designed with stainless steel
  • The size range from 50mm to 600mm

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