Globe Valve

The globe valve is designed for stopping and regulating the flow of fluids and the globe valve manufacturers usually make the angular and Wye type for clients across various industries.There are various kinds of materials used by globe valve manufacturers for making globe valves such as metal, steel, alloy etc. customized design can also be made for clients that make such request.


The globe valve can either be used for decreasing or increasing liquid flow by turning the hand wheel. The hand wheel turning rotates the globe valve stem and this would either increase or reduce the plug into the valve seat. The distance between the seat and the plug would determine the flow rate via the valve. Greater distance would give rise to greater flow and vice versa

The Tee pattern globe valve is modified to form the angular globe. The globe ends are at 90 degrees and the flow of fluid goes in a single direction. Their co-efficient of flow is also lower when compared with the Y pattern type of globe valves. They are mainly used in applications that have pulsating flow periods because of their capacity to handle the slugging effect of their type of flow.

The design of the Y pattern globe valves serves as an alternative for a drop in pressure, inherent in globe valves. The stem of the seat are at angle of 45 degrees to each other and a straight flow path thereby producing a full opening as well as minimal resistance to flow. They can be cracked open for a long period without resulting to a severe problem. They can also be used extensively for throttling during startup or seasonal operations. Also, they can be rod through so that the dirt inside can be removed, such would ensure a smooth flow of fluid.

Applications of Globe Valves:

  • Chemical feed systems or Feedwater
  • Boiler and main steam vents and drains
  • Turbine lubes oil system and others
  • Fuel oil system
  • Cooling water system


  • Moderate to good valve throttling
  • It can be used to stop check valve
  • It has good shut off capability
  • Shorter stroke
  • Easy to machine or resurface the seats


  • It allows installation in any position
  • It has positive shut off
  • It has Stellited disc, seat and backseat
  • Welded or integral seat and backseat construction
  • It has streamlines body flow
  • It has a pressure seal design which can be disassembled easily

Browse More Gate Valves

  • Stainless Steel Valves

    The stainless steel globe valves are of various kinds and are suitable for use in industries such as food processing, oil and gas, manufacturing etc. they are made with high quality material 316 or 304L and are durable. These valves likewise require a higher closing torques than gate valves with the same seat diameter as well as pressure class.

  • Pressure Seal Bonnet Globe Valve

    Pressure seal globe valve are used in application where there is need to restrict the flow of high pressure via a medium. It is suitable for air, gases, liquids etc. The pressure seal bonnet globe valve is made of high quality materials and you can also request for customized materials which will suit your needs.

  • Globe Check Valves

    The globe style silent check valves are suitable for applications which require a frequent as well as throttling operation. For instance, globe valves or valves which have a similar mechanism can be used as sampling valves which are mostly closed except when there is need to take liquid samples. Since they restrict the flow of fluids, they are not recommended for applications where full flow of fluids is required.

  • Forged Steel Globe Valves

    The forged steel globe valves are made with high quality materials A105 which ensure durability and ease of usage by the end users. The valves are of various sizes and the use depends on the applications or industry where it is needed. Clients can also request for a customized type so as to meet their need. The forged steel valves are suitable for oil and gas, manufacturing as well as processing industries.

  • Cast steel globe valve

    A plug type disc is usually incorporated into a cast steel globe so as to ensure the durability of the valve. The body seat of the cast steel globe valve is shoulder type and a large taper area which is used for ample seating is found on the threaded body. The choice depends on the user but there are various forms of cast steel globe valve.