Gate Valve


Gate valves are mainly designed for the full opening and closure. They are installed in pipelines as isolating valves and are of various sizes such as 3 inches, 4 inches etc. the gate valve is operated in a clockwise to close or anti-clockwise to open.

The use of gate valves cut across several industries and is suitable for installation which is below the surface of the ground. But whenever you want to choose, you need to choose the appropriate type so as to maximize the use. The gate valves are designed so that it can be opened and closed fully. Their installation is in pipelines for the isolation rather than regulating or controlling valves. When the valves are in use, it moves up and down in a definite path.

This kind of valve is used for reducing the loss of pressure and one of the requirements is a free bore. When it is fully opened, the passage will be free so as to ensure the smooth movement of the fluid; this will also make it easy to clean whenever the need arises. Whenever the valve is turned from closed to open, the passage will open gradually thereby giving way for the fluid passage.

There are several applications where gate valves can be used and some of them include gas supply, water supply, fire protection, treatment of wastewater and are perfect under the following conditions:

Portable water , neutral liquids and wastewater: temperature between -20 and +70 °C, maximum of 5 m/s flow velocity and can be up to 16 bar differential pressure.

Advantages of Gate Valves

  • Good shutoff features
  • The loss of pressure through gate valve is minimal
  • Gate valves can be used in two directions

Stem of a Gate valve

The stem of a gate valve provide a connection between the disk and handwheel with each one of them responsible for the perfect positioning of the disk. The stem are mostly designed and connected to the disk using the threaded or other methods. You can use a fine surface for preventing leakage.

Different Sizes

it consists of different sizes ranging from large size from 2 inches,21/2 inch,3inch,4 inches,5 inches 6 inch,8 inches,10 inches to large size 36 inch,42 inches,48 inches to suit all types of services. The trim levels ensure this gate valve suits all types of oil and gas service.

Proven Design and High operating Pressures

This gate valve consists of a lineup gate valve with a reliable, proven design of gate valve manufacturers. It is engineered to meet the requirements of API 600. The gate valve is 600 which increases the performance integrity in the operating pressures.

Varying Material

This series of the lockable gate valves are made of different materials such as, cast steel, stainless steel, duplex steel, inconel, titanium, monel, alloy 20,hastelloy and bronze C95800 to offer the user several options depending on the flowline pressure.

Manual,Actuated,Motorized and Gear Operated

The gate valves are often operated manually, actuated, motorized, or even gear operated thus ensuring ease to the user. This ensures easy flow control. It east to prevent the flow of liquid in your plumbing system.

Class 150 Class 300 Class 600 Class 900 Class 1500 Class 2500

They are of different classes to ensure high efficiency. The different classes allow for easy management and maintenance of the gate valve fleet as well as the provision of optimal lifecycle management integrity. The different classes allow use with liquids, gases, dry bulk/solids, and slurry.

Selling Points

  • API 600 certified.
  • Manual, Actuated, motorized, gear operated
  • Ranging sizes from 2~48 inch
  • High working pressure up to Class 2500

If you are looking for the best valve that will prevent the flow of liquid into your plumbing system, then gave the valve the best choice for you.  The gate valve price is cheap and will suit your pocket.

Browse More Gate Valves

  • Flexible Wedge Gate Valve

    The flexible wedge gate valves,O&SY rising stem are suitable for high pressure steams and other kinds of industrial and processing industries.

  • Thru Conduit Expanding Gate Valve

    The Conduit Gate valves offer an increased value by incorporating advanced design features. API 6D gate valves are manufactured with several features so as to meet the need of the consumers; it can also be used for achieving a perfect shutting and opening of liquid flow.

  • Stainless Steel Gate valve

    The use of stainless steel gate valves cut across various industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, production as well as processing industry.The material of CF8 and  CF3 are common used. The valves are cheap and are of various sizes.

  • Pressure Seal Bonnet Gate Valve

    The pressure seal gate valves are designed for the most demanding applications and they help in ensuring safety in the processing, oil and gas as well as other manufacturing stages. The pressure seal bonnet gate valve has also been proven to be the best in various applications where the ordinary types of valves are not effective.

  • JIS Gate Valve

    The JIS gate valve is also referred to as sluice valve and can have rating of 5k, 10k as well as 20k. The gate element opens by lifting a rectangular or round wedge out of the fluid path. When it is open fully, fluids would pass freely through the medium.

  • API 602 Gate Valves

    API 602 gate valves helps in achieving an effective opening and closing of a tap so as to ensure the continual flow of liquid through it. The gate valves are of various kinds such as forged steel gate valves, A105 gate valves and other kinds; it can also be customized to suit the need of the user.

  • API 6A Gate Valves

    This API 6A gate valve is designed for controlling the flow of fluids in the oil and gas, manufacturing as well as processing sector. The valve is durable and the body cavity is designed so as to meet the need of various applications.