Check Valve

The check valves are used in various industries so as to allow or prevent the flow of liquids and gases in a single direction. The main use of non return valves is to prevent the fluids from moving back in the pipe. They are mainly classified based on the single direction of flow by check valve manufacturers.


The check valves are non return valves that activate themselves and then allow the flow of liquid in a single direction. This kind of valve ensures there is no reversal in the process flow in a system which can later spoil equipment. They also flow in a single direction and are usually found in the compressors or liquid applications where the compressor can be shut down as a result of backflow. The check valve can also be used in process system which has different pressure and must be kept separate. You do not need an external power source for the smooth operation because they use pressure drop that is created as a result of media flow.


The check valves are used for the prevention as well as maintenance of pressure. They are mostly used as a backup whenever there is a pump failure so as to help compressors and reciprocate the functions whenever the system pressure is more than the needed capacity. Check valves can also be seen in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, steam, water refining etc.

Check valves are also commonly found in waste water management systems as well as in manufacturing.Check valves makes use of various kinds of technologies so as to allow and also stop the flow of gases and liquids. Also there are various kinds of check valves which are used in various industries.


As a specialized check valve manufacturer, we have a wide range of materials such as nonmetallic and metallic options. However, the operating environment, lifespan and media should be considered when selecting the materials used for check valves.

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  • Wafer Check Valve

      The wafer style silent valve is a lightweight, spring-assisted, in-line check valve which provides a reliable, low maintenance service for a wide range of fluid and pressure or temperature combinations. The joint which is between the seat ring as well as the body is sealed by the flange gasket upon installation thereby preventing any leakage via the joint whenever the valve is in service.  

  • Tilting Check Valve

    Tilting check valve is a special kind of check valve which is used for achieving a tight shut off in a sewage pipeline and drinking water supply. It is made with high quality materials and there are customized designs as well as materials upon demands. It can also be used in applications where tilting is required.

  • Swing Check Valves

    The swing check valves are designed so as to ensure one way directional fluid flow in various sectors such as power and utilities, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical, oil and gas production and transmission and chemical processing. They feature resilient, blow-out resistant seat design, custom moulded as well as black stopped poppet which minimizes spring stress.

  • Silent Check Valves

    Silent check valve is designed so as to prevent water hammer on different surfaces which could damage the building or in vertical applications in different sector. It is also used in applications where silent is required, it also prevent the reverse flow of liquid and are of various sizes depending on the need of the user.

  • Pressure seal check valve

    The pressure seal check valves are designed so as to ensure reliability in applications with high velocity and to prevent the occurrence of backflow in the content. The design of the check valves is to ensure the operation in the vertical as well as horizontal pipe runs. The seating surfaces durable and would ensure high life cycle capacity are being provided.

  • Piston Check valves

    The lift check valve is a valve which prevents the sunction line from running empty after the pump has been stopped. It is therefore essential to re-start it before pumping.Lift check valves can be installed in the piping and are also preferred whenever the application required is smaller.  

  • Forged Steel Check Valve

    Forged steel valves have compact design and are suitable for applications with high temperature as well as pressure. The valves are made with high quality materials which ensure their durability and ease of usage. Forged steel valves are used in pipelines and they ensure an easy stoppage and control of fluids.