Butterfly Valve

Butterfly valves are widely used for the projects. as a specialized butterfly valve manufacturers, we supply wide range of butterfly valves, such wafer, double flange

,double eccentric, triple eccentric types butterfly valves .

A butterfly valve has a simple design and is mainly used for shutting the flow of fluids. Whenever it is closed the valve bore will be blocked by the disc but when it is open full flow of gases or fluid would be allowed. To open the valve, all that is required is a quarter turn which implies that this kind of valve ensure easy opening as well as closing of fluid flow.Also, the butterfly valves are ideal for many applications among which are fire protection, wastewater treatment, water supply and many more. This valve can be constructed easily and has a compact design which ensure small usage of space, it is also light weight and affordable for most users.

As a butterfly valve manufacturer, we supply butterfly valves as following:

  • Wafer type butterfly valve
  • Lug type
  • Double flange
  • Triple eccentric
  • Double eccentric

Butterfly Valve Applications

Butterfly valves can be used in various applications and perform very well in large volume water and slurry applications. Some of their applications include:

  • Compressed air as well as gas applications
  • High temperature and high pressure water and steam services
  • Vacuum service
  • Slurry and other services
  • Cooling gases, air, water, protection from fire etc.

Browse More Butterfly Valves

  • Wafer type Butterfly Valves

    The wafer style of butterfly valves does not have self-locking abilities for the positioning of butterfly plate; worm wheel decelerator must be installed. The manufacturers of wafer type of butterfly valve also design them so as to function between flanges and are suitable for various kinds of applications.

  • Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve

    Triple eccentric butterfly valve design features three-way eccentricity and unique elliptical seat geometry ensuring compression sealing. The triple offset butterfly valve are of high quality and provide easy shutting on and off whenever liquid flow through the pipeline. It is of various sizes and the application would determine the size which would be used.

  • Stainless steel butterfly valve

    The stainless steel butterfly valve is suitable for applications which need resistance to corrosion and is made from press-forged and solution heat-treated AISI 316 stainless. It is easy to use and the installation is convenient as well. The gear operated butterfly valves are constructed from a body which incorporates a fully supported flanged bolt holes so as to prevent stressing of the mating pipe flanges.

  • Sanitary butterfly valve

    The sanitary butterfly valve is a special opposing body bolt design which ensures the body parts are held together when there is vibration as a result body movement. This positive sealing prevents the normal leaking as well as maintenance worries which is common to other kinds of valves. The sanitary butterfly valve also has a special design which prevents loosening between the body sections.

  • Lug type Butterfly Valves

    The lugs type valve are a cheaper and lighter valve but cannot be used as a pipe end or as end of line service. The valve can be used as a stopper, a tap for discharging and other functions in many applications. Lug type butterfly valves have been used in several industries around the world and have proven its capability in the provision of optimal performance.

  • Electric actuated butterfly valve

    The electric actuated butterfly valve has a cast body, stainless steel disc make them suitable for several kinds of applications. The electric and pneumatic actuation allows for easy as well as swift valve disc turns. The butterfly valve with pneumatic actuator is also suitable for several applications.

  • Ductile cast iron butterfly valves

    These kinds of butterfly valves are used for controlling the flow of fluids in various ways. The arrangement of these valves is in a concentric manner and the entire components are made of durable as well as anti-corrosive materials. The choice of cast iron butterfly valve or ductile iron butterfly valve would be based on the application.

  • Double Flanged Butterfly Valves

    We offer a range of double flanged butterfly valves in various construction materials thereby making them suitable for several applications. The flanged butterfly valves is also used for shut-off and the regulation of flow in many applications. It is made of durable material and has several applications.

  • Double Eccentric Butterfly

    The double eccentric butterfly valves can beforged or casted in different sizes as well as design features. The double offset butterfly valves can either have a zero, double or triple offset. The cone angle as well as the two eccentric shafts would allow the disc to seal. This kind of valve is perfect for the prevention of leakage.