Bellow Seal Valve


Bellow Seal Valve

The bellow seal valves have a multi-ply bellow which is welded to the bonnet as well as the stem so that a barrier which is not permeable would be created. The bellow seal valve manufacturers ensure the dimensions are of various sizes depending on the usage as well as the application but it can be customized to suit the need of each and every user.


The bellow seal valve is welded to the valve system as well as valve bonnet. There are several convolutions on the bellow cartridge which can either expand or compress as a result of valve movement. The proper installation of the valve body is crucial and there are two major ways through which you can seal the bellow to the valve. You can weld the bellow at the top while the body of the valve would be below. In this scenario, the process fluid is contained within the bellow while the other method involves welding the bellow to the lower part of the valve. This will ensure the process fluid is contained within the bellow or in the other method;the bellow is welded to lower part while the body would be on top. The bellow is an essential part and also forms the main component of bellow seal valve. A stem with a linear movement is essential so as to avoid any kind of twisting of the bellow. A sleeve nut at the Yoke portion of the valve bonnet can be used for achieving this. You would fir a handwheel onto the sleeve-nut and it would ensure rotary motion is transformed effectively into linear motion.

Bellow types

There are two major kinds of bellow seal valves which are produced by valve manufacturers, they are welded bellow and forged bellow. Forged type bellows are made from rolling a flat sheet into a tube which is fused longitudinally. The tube is formed hydrostatically or mechanically into the bellow with widely spaced and rounded folds. The welded type of leaf is made by welding washer-like plates of thin metal to the outer and inner circumference of the washers such as plates. However, forged bellows are two or three times longer than the welded leaf counterparts. The manufacturer of bellow seal valves would also ensure the valves are durable and ease the process of storage.

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  • Bellow Seal Globe Valves

    A bellow seal globe valve has a compact structure and is one kind of control valve to balance pressure. Bellow is used as the valve stem sealing components of any piping system. The valves also provide effective control of fluid passage and are of various sizes. The bellow seal globe valve manufacturer can customize the valve to meet the need of the clients.

  • Bellow seal gate valves

    Bellow seal gate valves are designed so as to provide necessary shutting on and off in the oil and gas industry. It also prevents leakage from the valves which can result to loss of materials or the pollution of the atmosphere. For instance, it prevents steam leakage via the valve gland. The bellow seal valve feature a multiple layer so as to ensure it does not allow leakage.