Ball Valve

Ball valve is one of the most widely used valves in the processing and petrochemical industry, it is of various size and design.Ball valve manufacturers produce then in various kinds of designs, configurations, materials as well as end connections. They are also perfect where it is crucial to regulate the flow of high pressure.

As one of  best  ball valves manufacturers around the world and we produce ball valve which ensures safe operation in tough situations as well as highly corrosive fluids. This is why its use as well as application is numerous. Each and every design of ball valve has a maximum safety as well as environmental protection which are achieved through the use of high quality materials. Global customers can fulfill the requirements from several configurations built to a full range of international design as well as performance standard.


Ball valves are suitable for fast acting stop or start applications. They are also considered as quick-acting because you can easily operate them by operating the handle through 90°. The quarter turn would minimize the operation of the valve and also reduce the chances of leakage as a result of wear.

Ball valves can also be employed for throttling service if a high level of accuracy is not required. The throttling would result into a partially exposed seat to erode because of the high pressure as well as flow velocity. The wear can then result to leakage of valve. The leakage can be corrected if the ball valve is automated and can move faster thereby responding to a change in the signal position.


The ball valves are produced by several manufacturers in China and are thus referred to as China ball valve. There are some companies which also supply them in china so that each and every industry can get the one which is perfect for them. Some of the features of ball valves include: full port, side entry, lockable and position indicators, anti-static as well as fire safe features.

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  • Trunnion ball valves

    Trunnion ball valve utilize a quarter-turn valve so as to open or close the flow of fluids or gases through it, it is perforated and aid the smooth flow of fluids. The reduced ball valve, full port ball valve and three piece ball valve are manufactured in different forms and are made with high quality materials.

  • Top entry ball valve

    Top entry ball valves can be repaired easily and also ensure there is bi-directional sealing with two floating seats existing independently is achieved. The top entry ball valve manufacturers made with high quality materials and this ensures the durability of their product. The top entry ball valve manufacturers ensure the valves are suitable for different companies as well as applications.  

  • Stainless steel ball valves

    The stainless 2 piece ball valve is used whenever there is need to have a on or off action and it ensure a tight closing is achieved whenever there is need to allow the flow of liquid or gases.CF3 and CF8 ball valves can also be made to meet the need of the user.  

  • Socket weld ball valve

    Socket weld ball valve is suitable for applications with high performance; it is also suitable for applications where high performance is required. There are various materials which are used for its production and you can as well specify the material which you want.This valve ensures safety against fire and is also termed fire safe ball valve.

  • Segmented ball valves

    The segmented ball valves are the valves which features a patented contoured segmented V-notch ball. The same amount of flow characteristics as well as rangeability is being provided by V-notch. It is also made with durable alloy and the materials can be changed so as to meet your need.  

  • Orbit ball valve

    Orbit ball valve is suitable for applications where zero leakage as well as frequent operation is required, mot orbit stem valve are deigned to suit several applications and are used in different sectors to ease the flow of fluids.  

  • Multi-port way ball valve

    The multi-port ball valves are designed so as to provide a flexible as well as productivity to various processes in the oil and gas, manufacturing and processing industry. Valve manufacturers make them in various shapes, size and deign so as to meet the need of the users.

  • Metal seated ball valve

    The high pressure valve series provide a reliable performance in application such as offshore drilling platform, oil and gas, petrochemical and the power industry.Metal seated ball valve is easy to operate and suitable for application which require high temperature or pressure

  • JIS Ball Valve

    The lever ball valve is full bore and commonly used in oil and gas sector as well as fuel applications, it also comes in various ranges as well as sizes. The JIS ball valve comes in different pressure ratings and has 5K and 10K flanged connections.

  • Fully welded ball valve

    The design of the fully welded ball valve is according to the appropriate standard and with high-quality materials. It can be made with alloy, metal, or customized materials and are suitable for challenging applications in different fields. The ball valve for natural gas storage is also used in the oil and gas sector

  • Floating ball valves

    Floating ball valve provides a tight shutoff as well as bi-directional flow in any sector where it is used.

  • Compact Ball Valve

    The compact ball valve are fully designed so as to allow handling of operation easily, it has a small number of component and fit into spaces that are too small for other kinds of valves. It also offers pressure ratings which is similar to safety block style at 150psi. It is suitable for oil and gas, petrochemical and manufacturing industry.