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  Product Name£º API600 Casted Gate,OS&Y,BB
  Product Model£º
  Contact Tel£º86-577-86622701 Joe Ye
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 API600 Casted Gate,OS&Y,BB
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Gate Valve, ASME B16.5 Flanged or Butt-Welding Ends, Bolted Bonnet,

 One-Piece Flexible or Solid Wedge Gate, Full Port, Outside Screw and Yoke,
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 Non-Rising Handwheel, Gearbox, or Power Actuator Operated,
 Non-Rotating Rising Stem, Complete with Conical Stem Backseat
 •  Design  : API 600 / BS 1414 / ISO 10434 
 •  Testing  : API 598 / BS 6755-1 / ISO 10434
 •  ANSI Class 150  : 2" to 36"
 •  ANSI Class 300  : 2" to 24"
 •  ANSI Class 600  : 2" to 24"
 •  ANSI Class 900  : 2" to 20"
 •  ANSI Class 1500  : 2" to 16"
 •  ANSI Class 2500  : 2" to 8"
 •  Shell Materials  : Carbon Steels ASTM A216 Grades WCB and WCC
       Alloy Steels ASTM A217 Grades WC1, WC6, WC9 and C5
       Impact-Tested Carbon-Manganese Steels ASTM A352 Grades LCB and LCC
       Corrosion-Resistant Steels ASTM A351 Grades CF3, CF3M, CF8 and CF8M
       Duplex ASTM A890 Grade 4A,5A,6A
Other Standard is also available for DIN,JIS and MSS etc.
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